Liz Winfeld
liz Liz Winfeld has joined RBC Wealth Management as a Financial Advisor based in Portland, Maine. Contact her at 207-860-0176; email liz.winfeld@rbc.com




Alice Adams
Alice Adams is Common Ground’s gender specialist. She offers a new, exciting perspective to this area of workplace diversity, a perspective based on solid science that shows men and women have a lot more in common than the pundits admit. On that basis, Alice helps organizations move toward a gender-balanced workforce and improve their recruitment and retention efforts. She is a frequent speaker at corporations across the country about gender, gender stereotyping of men and women, and how they relate to organizational effectiveness. Alice holds a PhD from the University of Iowa and was formerly bye-fellow at Cambridge University, Rockefeller fellow at the University of Minnesota, and Director of Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Maine, Farmington. She is the author of PLAYING TO STRENGTH: Leveraging Gender at Work (Praeger, 2010), a convention-busting examination of gender in the workplace and a very practical management guide to creating a gender-inclusive workplace. Alice is also the author two other books on gender and systems, including Shameless Propositions: Sexuality & Authority (June, 2010). Contact Alice at 207-809-9275; email aadams@common-grnd.com.

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