Common Ground Consulting offers the following Programming Options in its areas of expertise: gender inclusion, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression & characteristics (transgender at work), domestic partner/union/marriage policies and benefits, and employee resource group development and leveraging.

Live education program delivery:
All Common Ground education programs are custom built for our client companies to meet their individual objectives. We perform our assessment work in whatever way is best for you – one-to-one interviews with appropriate staff, focus-group facilitation, intranet surveying…, and then we build an education program that fulfills the requirements and goals culled from the assessment.

We offer 90 minute to 2 hour executive level overview programs, classic “half-day” (3.5 hours of content in a 4 hour space) programs, or full and multi-day education programs. Most programs are facilitated by one of us, and all of our programs are engaging and interactive, employing a variety of adult-learning techniques.

Webinars, Video-Conference and Teleconference options:
The areas of workforce diversity that Common Ground works in are best delivered in ways that emphasize interaction and respect the human element. With that in mind, there are elements of all of our programs that can be delivered successfully using the power of technology, and so we are happy to explore these delivery options – and build them – on a case-by-case basis. For example, education about transgender in the workplace, or programs about employee benefits in the ever-changing world of relationship/marriage laws, can be done very effectively using distance learning tools.

Please get in touch if you have a specific need in any of our areas of expertise to explore whether or not it, or they, can be fulfilled using communication technology.

Common Ground’s principals welcome opportunities to present keynotes or main-stage presentations on topics that fall within our areas of expertise. In keynotes as in all of our programming and consulting, we aim for clarity and humor. Because we are usually talking about things not always comfortably discussed in open forums, we have found that combining first-rate content with integrity and humor is the key to creating trust with our audience.

We invite you to have a look at this clip of Alice keynoting a special Women’s History Month event at the University of Maine.

One of the most effective, but not always best leveraged, tools that any organization has at its disposal is the passion, power, talent, intellectual capital and cultural competency of its own employees. Whether part of your professional D&I, HR or training staffs, members of an employee group or simply interested associates of your organization, chances are you already have the people you need to help deliver your message of commitment to workplace diversity. All they need is the where-with-all to do it, and that’s where we come in. Vardenafil proven ED treatment for specific groups of peoples.

What Happens in Boot Camp Doesn’t Stay in Boot Camp…
Common Ground’s Boot Camp method harnesses the power of your human resources. Our Train-the-Trainer programs deal with challenging diversity topics, and the only way to absolutely ensure that your Trained Trainers can do the job right is, frankly, to train them to within an inch of their lives. Their experience in Boot Camp should include just about everything – the good, the bad and the ugly – that they will experience when they run the programs for real. The best way to prepare them for that is to hit them with our best shots in the safe and trusting environment we create in our boot camps.

A typical TTT Boot Camp is experiential learning at its best. Potential participants have been interviewed to ensure that TTT is right for them, and then engage in two-to-five day immersion session in which they will be fully engrossed in the subject-matter at hand and given time to practice delivery of it themselves. Graduates will have the wisdom and practical know-how to respond to the kinds of questions, challenges and criticisms they are likely to encounter when they go out into the workplace to deliver the course.

Common Ground has several recommendations for building a successful TTT cohort. Among the most important of these is that personnel are always trained to deliver programming in teams of two; and, where possible, two-person teams do not deliver the training in the same facility that they work in daily.

Train the Trainer is, potentially, a fabulous tool any organization can have in its kit… especially in these days of challenged budgets and over-extended workforces. But there are definitely right and wrong ways to go about creating and maintaining a TTT force. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss this important subject in more detail.

One-to-One Executive Coaching:
Common Ground’s principals hold that executives at large concerns – public, private, non-profit or academic – didn’t get to be senior leaders by responding to inquiries, repeatedly, with “I don’t know”. But the truth is, none of us is born knowing everything and most of us need help to learn – pretty much continually – new information and skills to negotiate our lives. We are happy to work with any member of your organization on a one-to-one basis to help bring her or him up to speed in our content areas. Our coaching can be in person, in small groups, by teleconference, webinar or by email.