Articles and News
In addition to our books, Alice is afrequent contributors to Journals, magazines, newspaper articles, blogs and podcasts dealing with gender inclusion or sexual orientation/gender identity-expression in the workplace. Here are some representative links:

  • Alice Adams, What Women Want, and How Not to Give It to Them, The Conference Board Review, Spring, 2010
  • Alice Adams on ABC/Clio Author Expert Page

Video and Audio Clips

Gender at Work: This clip catches Alice Adams previewing many of the key points included in her book, “Playing to Strength: Leveraging Gender at Work.” The clip, taped at an organization-specific internal diversity conference, is just over an hour… but feel free to browse through it.

American Management Association Edgewise Podcast: Alice Adams on Bridging the Gender Divide at Work

Interview with Mike Carruthers, Something You Should Know: Alice Adams on Gender Differences in the Workplace

Alice Adams' Interview about her book "Playing to Strength: Leveraging Gender at Work,”with Millicent Carvalho and Brian Grevious of Why Can't We Get Along? ( and


Special Order Research Papers
Occasionally we are asked to produce special, focused research papers and projects for our clients who are looking for specific programming, cost of benefits’ data or other information using proprietary information. Those Papers are accessible in password-protected form. If you have ordered such a Project from us, you will be provided with a direct link to your materials and the password to access it. Common Ground will never provide access to materials to anyone other than the individual or group who commissioned it without express approval in writing. Individuals who have ordered and paid for materials are welcome to distribute the password in whatever manner, and to whomever, they see fit.