There are two vital principles that guide our work around sexual orientation

1. Sexual orientation is not some sort of code for homosexuality or lesbian/gay issues.
Sexual orientation is often considered a difficult topic to include in diversity issues because it brings up differences in religion, perceptions of morality, and politics. Certainly the organization must always be sensitive to these differences, but more pressing is the fact that people simply don’t want to engage around things they don’t understand. It’s not always opinions about sex or morality that keep people from exploring the topic in the first place. It’s a sneaking feeling that they don’t know what “sexual orientation” actually means.

At Common Ground, we find that when people are offered relevant new knowledge in a non-threatening, non-defensive way, they’re generally prepared to think about it and are willing to ask questions and discuss. They feel empowered to make informed decisions--and that seemingly simple process is what changes and opens up a culture.

That leads to the second principle of our work in sexual orientation:

2. Behavior, not beliefs.
It isn’t our job to change any person’s beliefs, no matter what they is or whether we agree with their point of view. It is our job to provide our clients with accurate, reliable, and easy to access information so that each person we meet can make an informed decision as to how s/he is going to behave at work. Hopefully we can provide information to help people decide to behave in concert with their organization’s non-discrimination policies and practices without feeling like they have to give up any part of who they are. We can certainly make the case that everybody, regardless of real or perceived sexual orientation or opinions about such matters, should have the ability to work in a non-threatening and productivity-enhancing workplace.
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Custom Built…every time:
As described in Program Options, Common Ground does not present any one-size-fits-all education programming. We have a lot of tools that we can bring to bear when we are designing offerings for our clients. We work with all of our clients to make sure that what we are building and intending to deliver will meet their objectives exactly. Please get in touch to discuss what aspects of sexual orientation inclusion are important for you and your organization. We love to talk about this stuff… and there is never any obligation, real or inferred.