Straight Talk About Gays in the Workplace is in its third edition, currently from The Haworth Press-Taylor and Francis Publishing. It is currently out of print.

Straight Talk has been the number one tool for HR, Diversity, Operational or any other management / associate personnel with a stake in seeing meaningful inclusion of sexual orientation and gender identity at their organization. It covers education content and methodology, domestic partner benefits, internal and external business case elements, strategies for full inclusion, a look at employee resource networks formed around these issues, academic courseware, how to successfully manifest a transsexual transition, and much, much more.

So, why did we stop the presses on a planned fourth edition? Because the publishing process as it exists today does not allow us to update it fast and furiously enough to ensure that it keeps pace with the changes occurring in its subject areas. Those changes are significant and are occurring just about daily.

With this updated version of our website, we are introducing our Publications & Media area, where we will post up-to-the-minute content, in writing and on video, including both topical content for a general audience and briefing papers for our clients that are laser-focused to their situation and needs. Soon, we will be creating a podcast section to highlight stories and case studies that we feel sure people will find interesting, helpful and very relevant.

Liz is also embarking on her new blog, “Liz’ Mainstream of Consciousness,” which tracks current events as they relate directly to the workplace, as well as tools, strategies, new ideas and other points of view in her areas of diversity expertise. We hope you’ll follow this link, bookmark it, check it out from time to time and offer comments.

Straight Talk About Gays in the Workplace remains viable and relevant as a resource for managers and others trying to get an overview of all of the issues inherent in dealing with these aspects of workplace diversity and inclusion. Common Ground has some copies still available at a significant discount for individual and bulk sales. Please get in touch if interested.