Transgender is an umbrella term. In and of itself, it doesn’t mean too much. But today, more companies and organizations than at any other time in history find themselves with an employee or employees whose gender identity is outside of traditional definitions of expression or who are fully transsexual.

This may be the fastest growing area of workforce diversity; in both the public and private sectors, policy and law changes are occurring at breakneck speed…and many organizations find themselves unsure how to proceed when an employee submits an application to cross-dress at work or informs their manager that they intend to transition their sex.

Organizations usually find themselves in reactive, rather than proactive, mode upon finding out that an employee or employees are transgendered. Common Ground can help with education, transition planning and ensuring that your organization is operating within the boundaries of the law, ordinances and current best practices.

Education is key. Our methods include live facilitation, webinars, teleconferencing sessions (usually executive and HR coaching sessions), briefing papers and best practice guides. The latter two can be written and password protected on our site for easy access by your personnel as you deem appropriate.

We excel at providing full-scale Transition Planning to ensure that if you have a transsexual employee who is undergoing or planning transition, that experience will be a positive one for her or him and a positive one for his/her colleagues and other stakeholders who might need to be informed and involved.

Here is a link to a clip of Liz presenting Gender Identity/Expression education to a client in 2009.

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