Because working men and women are far more alike than they are different, the Common Ground approach is gender inclusive. Our mission is to foster positive workplace environments for everyone. That’s why Common Ground doesn’t offer prescriptive “skirts versus slacks” programs that promote the idea that women and men have very different abilities and communication styles.

Instead, we build practical, forward-thinking solutions that dovetail with your business mission, management practice and workplace culture. Whether you’re dealing with small issues or working toward major change, we can ease the way.

We provide custom-made, focused, interactive education programs designed for the constituency you want to reach, whether it’s hourly employees, middle managers, or top leadership. Recent programs have addressed:

  • Women and leadership in male-majority organizations
  • Myths about men and masculinity
  • Gender and cultural difference
  • The science of gender differences and similarities
  • Men and women in nontraditional roles
  • How gender roles and stereotypes affect people’s experience of the workplace.
  • Defusing gender bias
  • Men and women / insiders and outsides
  • Working on gender-inclusive teams

Tools for leaders and mentors:
We will work with any member of your organization on a one-to-one basis to help bring her or him up to speed in our areas of expertise, including any of the following:

  • Mainstreaming gender inclusion with your management strategies
  • Turning difficult situations around
  • Communicating the internal business case for gender inclusion
  • Promoting positive gender dynamics and dealing with gender bias
  • Managing gender dynamics on teams
  • Facilitating connections and communicating across genders

Employee groups:
We help employee groups energize around gender inclusion so that they can:

  • foster the recruitment, retention and advancement of women and men in new (nontraditional) fields
  • boost the organization’s ability to attract, develop and retain diverse women and men
  • cultivate habits of networking and leadership competencies that play to individual strengths
  • enhance women's and men’s professional growth by facilitating gender-inclusive mentoring and coaching
  • expand outreach, within the organization and in the community, to broaden the group’s appeal and increase its efficacy.